Bear With Me

Author: The Narrator

The two BEARS, out of breath and sweaty, really did STINK as they faced each other one more time. They gripped the lances tight, with one hand on the reins of their rhinos.

"GRAAAAAAAAH!" One of the bears roared. "I shall avenge my father," he thought.

"GRAAAAAAAH!" The other bear bellowed back. "He shall not take our land from our people, nor our honey. Never!" She thought.

Then, there was silence, just the huffs and growls of the rhinos remained, ready for their charge. Both bears gritted their teeth, each giving a fierce, MOIST, JOUST STARE.

The last charge began.

Author's Note

Written after thinking it'd be fun to create microfiction from Wordle guesses. Hence, Weirdle is born.