Author: The Narrator

Tiplekrazilblub still got up, cracked his neck, and his sharp purple batlike wings stretched out their kinks. He let out a deep coughy laugh.

"He's ... He's still alive he's still ..." Yuko faced the DEMON, wide eyed, still clutching his laser sword.

"You cannot defeat him," Lairus laughed. "Creatures from my dark ALTAR are too powerful, muahaha! Meet your FRAIL end, Yuko."

The dark forest shrouded them. Not one chirp of happy LARKS. A defeated silence. TEARS welled in Yuko's eyes.

"Beep boop," his robot J-43 piped in, "ABORT mission Yuko. My calculations were accurate, thirty cherry bomb detonations did not annihilate the beast."

"No," Yuko snarled. "NooooooOOOOO!" He wouldn't give up. He grabbed J-43 and opened the hatch behind his head.

"Beep boop, I do not appreciate being probed INTRAcranially."

There it was, the big red button: ULTRA-J. His robot friend would never be the same, but it was his only hope. In one hard press, a beam of cyan light burst from the bot, and it grew 10 times in size, stronger than anything in the woods.


Author's Note

Written after watching the first three episodes of Demon Slayer.