What’s Athen-in’?

Author: The Narrator

"Crap, it pierced its AORTA," Bill said, carefully examining the ARROW in the ALIEN's chest.

"So basically," Cody said, "The only dude who knows how to drive this flying saucer time machine is gonna die, and we're stuck in ancient Greece?" He looked out the ship window. "Whoa, you Odyssey this view."

"Will you shut up with the puns?"

"Whoaa man, apollo-gies brosif, gimme a BREAK."

Bill slowly blinked. He just had to be stuck with the intern. He wondered if he was ever going to make it back to Vegas. Out of all the work TRIPS, this one was supposed to be the one. Where he'd finally be recognized for his ARGON research, and get that chrome AWARD. Everything was going great until he woke up hungover in Area 51.

He pounded the table. He never should have had all those vodka cranberries.

The alien coughed. "Zyphrog! Stay with me," Bill said.

"Ask him if he knows the password to this thing," Cody said, now tinkering around with the control panel.

"Zyphrog, what's the passcode?"

Wide eyed, Zyphrog just blurted "Aaaaaaaggggrooommrrrmaaaaaaaauuuuuugh" and then collapsed.

"Shit. Shit! What did he say? Was ... was it 'AROMA'?" Bill asked.

"Nah dude, I heard 'AGORA'."

"That's ridiculous."

"It's all Greek to me, man."

Author's Note

Written while watching Season 1x12 of HIMYM, "The Wedding"