Hot Comet's Five

Author: The Narrator

"Alright, alright, shoosh," Hot Comet Nina quieted the thieves. She rolled out the blueprint. "So this is how it's going down …

"HOTEL EARTH. The fanciest spot on this side of the moon, with the best views of the planet. Tonight's event: Artifacts of the Past, the largest auction of the year. Our target: The GREAT TENOR Saxophone.

"Vinny! You'll head to the back vent here with Two-Face Jack. It'll take you to the heavily guarded laundry room. They take their Downy seriously. Take the guards out, hide 'em in the dryers. Vinny'll grab a guard's uniform, Jack you wear the maid get-up.

"Jack, head to room 247. It's right above the sax. You'll find the trap door under the rug. It'll take you to the ceiling tiles. Wait THERE with the magno-matic 3000.

"I'll woo Malcolm Mercury. He's a softy for blondes, it'll be simple. I'll tell him I was a VOTER for his campaign and then get him sloshed on Moondust Mules. I'll get him to show me the saxophone, and will sneak the other magnet onto the case.

"In the meantime, Madcap Miranda and E.T. Petey will do their thing. We've hacked the sensors, so your ID chips should work. About an hour in, make a scene, and make it punchy. But Petey, no tentacles. This place is classy.

"Demolition Don, you'll meet Vinny at the back door. Control room is through these doors here. Don't be a blockhead, no explosions tonight. You figure out how to cut the power, and cut the gravity, and do it quietly. Wait for the signal.

"Jack'll swan dive from the ceiling and snag the case in the dark. We'll toss it in the laundry cart. Once gravity's back on, wheel it on out of there."

They all cheered and clinked their drinks. She sat back and grinned. This space HEIST would be like no OTHER. Finally, she could pay off that student loan.

Author's Note

Written while procrastinating on doing laundry.