Half-Bird, Half-Man, All Muscle

Author: Nikolai S.

(Continued from #243 "The Good, The Bad, and The Shark")

"Umm and your name sir?" The clerk SPOKE with a LOATHing glare at the BRIBE that slid across the counter.

"EAGLE... Buff EAGLE" said the half-bird man doing a small flex of his PRIZEd muscles. The clerk's chair rocked back with a WHINE taking in the strange bird-man. "You know" Buff started "when the ink DRIES, I'm done here. And you - SCRAWWWWW - can either take my generous offer or..." Panic creeped across the clerk's face, but he was looking beyond the feather-headed bird man.

"FOUND YOU" bellowed a maw of sharp teeth, the smell of BRINE filling the air. "You're mine Buff 'Buck' EAGLE, I've been looking for you".

"Ah, sheriff Ripley, so kind of you to join us" Buck said turning to the glowering shark sheriff.


Author's Note

"Buff Eagle" is my game-night alias.