Pinball Tsar

Author: Nikolai S.

The haggard man plunked a few RUBLEs worth of change into the abandoned pinball machine. Lights flashed erratically across the headBOARD in a brilliant display. From the dust and ashes of a forgotten age the thing whirred to life and began to SHOUT its long forgotten chorus and OPINE for the new player to begin the game.

His SCALY and WOOLY hand pulled back the plunger. A metal sphere dashed along ritzy alleys and flew across precarious skyways. In the frenetic path it took it eventually smashed into something with a distorted voice exclaiming "Great, ki-ii-d! Dooon't get COCKY". The silhouette of a handsome American face showed on the LED panel and (what looked like) a space ship flew away shortly after. If only the LOWLY men of this world who sat at high places could have heeded such a warning, he thought to himself.

With the last ball sinking to its doom, the electro-mechanical creature finished its dance of light and sound. He picked up his pack and climbed out of the rubble of the Sputnik Arcade into the toxic and ashen air of what once was Moscow.

Author's Note

What is the theme for the pinball machine? Rhymes with "Tsar Cars".